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Why Choose Epic Smiles?


SCAN: Free Consultation for Clear Teeth


Get started on your journey to a better smile with a FREE digital Invisalign® clear aligners scan.  Our team of doctors and orthodontists will evaluate your unique needs and create a treatment plan tailored to you.


START: Custom Invisalign® Braces


Our team of licensed Orthodontists will examine your teeth, take panoramic x-ray images, and you will receive your new custom-fit Invisalign® clear aligners in less than 2 weeks.  You will soon be on your way to a beautiful smile with no visible metal brackets or wires.


SMILE: Enjoy a Guaranteed Beautiful Smile for Less Time & Money

In as little as 3-6 months you will have the confident smile you've always wanted up to 2X faster than metal braces for half the price.

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