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The Definitive Love Your Smile Guarantee

Epic Signature Guarantee*

For all Epic Signature and Signature Plus treatments, subject to your compliance, we promise that your smile will be substantially consistent with your computer simulated smile we presented to you with our Itero® scanner (your “Epic Smile”).


If upon completion of your initial treatment by Epic you are not reasonably satisfied that your Epic Smile has been achieved, we will continue to perform additional Invisalign® treatment (with no additional fee to you) as we determine necessary for up to 24 months after we delivered your first set of aligners or such earlier time when you are completely satisfied with your Epic Smile.

Your Responsibility

Your Epic Smile will not be achieved without you doing your part! The successful outcome of your treatment and our Epic Signature Guarantee is subject to “your compliance” with all appointments, protocols and directions specified by our doctors and staff, including wearing your aligners 22 hours every day, changing out your aligners when directed, arriving at our office for all required visits on time when scheduled, promptly arriving at our office to replace any broken attachments or aligners or for other issues that may arise, wearing elastics as directed, obtaining dental treatment recommended by our doctors from your normal dentist and complying with the Epic Treatment Instructions (a copy of which we provided and explained to you). Your failure to comply with all such requirements will void the Epic Smile Guarantee.


If for any reason prior to the time our doctor presents your final Epic Smile and then orders your Invisalign® clear aligners from Align Technology you are unsure, dissatisfied or wish to terminate your treatment for any other reason, or if our doctor determines you are not a suitable candidate for our treatment, we will promptly refund 100% of all fees actually paid to us for your case.

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