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What to Expect with Clear Aligner Treatment

You’re on your way to a new and amazing Smile. Let’s show you how in just 3 easy steps.

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STEP 1: Free Scan in 30 Minutes

Come into your local Epic Smiles Center.   We’ll quickly scan your teeth, show you your new smile simulation and take records (dental exam, x-rays and photographs).  A $500 Value… FREE!

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STEP 2: An Orthodontist Orders Your Aligners

Your scan is reviewed by our orthodontist specialist who will develop your treatment plan and will guide your new smile from beginning to end. Your custom made clear invisible aligners will be produced, and be as unique to you as your own fingerprint.

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STEP 3: Straighten Your Teeth at Home

Your Aligners are ready. Return to your local Epic Smiles Center within a few short weeks of your digital scan and we will deliver your BPA-free plastic, custom-made invisible clear aligners that won’t irritate cheeks and gums like traditional braces often do. You’re now on your way to an Epic Smile.

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